January 03, 2023
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As you hopefully know from my LinkedIn profile, I HELP ENGINEERS!

What that means is as a Financial Advisor at Capitol Financial Solutions, I help engineers create a detailed financial plan and provide true active portfolio management through our personalized 4-step process to feel less financial stress.

Have you found yourself having these feelings:

--Frustrated from knowing you can manage your finances but have limited time to dedicate to this task?

--Stressed out and wanting to feel a level of comfort knowing that you are on track for the retirement you have worked so hard towards?

--Unwilling to talk to other Financial Advisors because you don't want to be sold a financial product that may take the focus off important areas in your financial strategy?

Perhaps you've never had the chance to find a trusted authority in the financial advising space.  Perhaps you are too busy to have the chance to sit down and think about these important aspects of your business that may go overlooked.  Well, I'm very proud to say that thanks to my experience and work done as a Financial Advisor at Capitol Financial Solutions, I can help you with things like:

**Analyzing your current financial solution in a truly analytical process, leaving a firm feeling of confidence that you are on track with less stress about your future retirement.

**Directly and actively managing all your financial burdens, leaving you knowing your money and financial plan are being watched over on a daily basis.

**Making complex financial concepts seem simpler and easier to understand without the purchase of an unneeded financial product.

To learn more about how I can help you work towards business stability, please shoot me a direct message through LinkedIn or use my contact information below.  I'd love to hear from you!

Phone:  804-665-1589


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